Bug Collecting Made Easy with Toy Tamer Bags

Bug Collecting Made Easy with Toy Tamer Bags

A see through, breathable and portable live bug container...

Summertime is perfect for kids to play with butterfly nets and fill various bug containers when out in the backyard. While catching bugs can be a great learning experience, many bugs end up dying in the jars and leaving a mess for moms to clean up. If you want a bug collector that is see through, breathable and portable then look no further... just use your Toy Tamer Bags and your bugs will thank you!  

Not into catching live bugs... then set up an indoor bug scavenger hunt

Moms can find different plastic bugs at convenience stores and set up a scavenger hunt inside the house. Simply place the bugs in different areas and at various difficulty levels and use the Toy Tamer bag to collect! Toy Tamer Bags are clear which allow children to easily see the bugs they’ve collected and can show them off. For more fun, Toy Tamer Bags can also be customized by your kids with stickers.

You can order Toy Tamer Bags in a variety of sizes and colors at

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